Christian Graduate Schools with Degree Program Information

Christian graduate schools offer many of the same advanced degree options as other schools while providing a Christian environment and perspective. Prospective students can choose from many different accredited and prestigious Christian schools to obtain their master's or doctorate degree.

How to Select a Christian Graduate School


  • Denomination, style and philosophy
  • Extracurricular activities
  • Degree structure and financial aid
  • Admissions policies

Denomination, Style and Philosophy

One thing to consider when selecting a Christian graduate school is the denomination and whether it is conducive to the individual's religious values. Christianity covers a multitude of religions including Lutheran, Catholic, Methodist and Baptist, among others. Some Christian graduate schools require students to be of the same denomination of the school, and regular worship attendance, ministry work and adherence to a code of conduct may be expected. Applicants should also look at a school's mission, philosophy, worship style and environment.

Extracurricular Activities

Many Christian graduate schools provide extracurricular activities, such as athletics, student government, leadership seminars, internships and membership in clubs and organizations. In addition, some Christian colleges provide options in seminary studies, convocation, campus church pastoral duties, ministry, and public service.

Degree Structure and Financial Aid

Dual-degree, part-time, on-campus, distance learning and blended degree programs are also offered at some Christian graduate schools, and scholarships and financial aid are usually available to those who qualify.

Admissions Policies

Although policies vary by school, admission to a graduate degree program at a Christian school requires proof of completion of a bachelor's degree program, attendance at a graduate orientation session, letters of recommendation and an application with a non-refundable application fee. GMAT scores (Graduate Management Admission Test) may be required directly from Pearson VUE, the organization that administers the test. International students may also be required to obtain a social security number and driver's license and provide all information in English.

Christian Graduate School Degree Program Information

Many of the same master's and doctoral programs offered at other graduate schools are available at Christian graduate schools. Most of the graduation requirements are similar to other master's and Ph.D. programs, with some requiring a religious credit. Seminary students usually must take an assessment test. A thesis or project is a usual requirement to graduate from a master's degree or doctoral program. Areas of study include:

  • Law
  • The arts
  • Communication
  • Business
  • Theology

Christian Graduate Schools in the U.S. by Student Enrollment

Following is a list of the 20 largest Christian graduate schools in the U.S.

College/University Student Population Institution Type
Liberty University33,6044-year, Private not-for-profit, Baptist
DePaul University24,3524-year, Private not-for-profit, Catholic
St. John's University-New York20,1094-year, Private not-for-profit, Catholic
Saint Louis University-Main Campus16,0864-year, Private not-for-profit, Catholic
Loyola University Chicago15,6704-year, Private not-for-profit, Catholic
Indiana Wesleyan University15,4424-year, Private not-for-profit, Wesleyan
Georgetown University15,3184-year, Private not-for-profit, Catholic
Boston College14,8364-year, Private not-for-profit, Catholic
Fordham University14,6664-year, Private not-for-profit, Catholic
Baylor University14,5414-year, Private not-for-profit, Baptist
Columbia College14,0814-year, Private not-for-profit, Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)
Duke University14,0604-year, Private not-for-profit, Methodist
Saint Leo University13,7314-year, Private not-for-profit, Catholic
Emory University12,7554-year, Private not-for-profit, Methodist
University of Notre Dame11,7314-year, Private not-for-profit, Catholic
American University11,6844-year, Private not-for-profit, Methodist
Marquette University11,6334-year, Private not-for-profit, Catholic
Southern Methodist University10,9654-year, Private not-for-profit, Methodist
University of St. Thomas10,9634-year, Private not-for-profit, Catholic
University of Dayton10,9204-year, Private not-for-profit, Catholic

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