Christian Graduate Schools with Degree Program Information

Christian graduate schools offer many of the same advanced degree options as other schools while providing a Christian environment and perspective. Prospective students can choose from many different accredited and prestigious Christian schools to obtain their master's or doctorate degree.

Christian graduate programs are typically offered through private institutions and often have smaller student-to-teacher ratios, allowing for more individualized training. Many of these schools offer programs at the master's degree level, though larger universities and seminary programs might also award doctoral degrees.

10 Christian Graduate Schools

These schools offer master's and doctoral programs, both on-campus and online, in both religious and non-religious fields of study.

College/University Location Institution Type Degrees Offered Graduate Tuition (2015-2016)*
Abilene Christian University Abilene, Texas 4-year, Private, not-for-profit Master's, Doctoral $19,116
Carolina Christian College Winston Salem, North Carolina 4-year, Private, not-for-profit Master's $3,750
Christian Brothers University Memphis, Tennessee 4-year, Private, not-for-profit Master's $22,600
Cincinnati Christian University Cincinnati, Ohio 4-year, Private, not-for-profit Master's $11,880
Heritage Christian University Florence, Alabama 4-year, Private, not-for-profit Master's $3,762
Pacific Rim Christian University Honolulu, Hawaii 4-year, Private, not-for-profit Master's $8,910
Northwest Christian University Eugene, Oregon 4-year, Private, not-for-profit Master's $15,000
Lubbock Christian University Lubbock, Texas 4-year, Private, not-for-profit Master's $7,236
Christian Theological Seminary Indianapolis, Indiana 4-year, Private, not-for-profit Master's, Doctoral $11,322
Texas Christian University Fort Worth, Texas 4-year, Private, not-for-profit Master's, Doctoral $25,470

Source: *National Center for Education Statistics

School Selection Criteria

When selecting a Christian graduate school, there are a few things to take into account to make sure it's the best fit for you.

  • Choose a school whose denomination, style and philosophy is in line with your personal beliefs and educational goals. These may vary by school.
  • Make sure the school has the extracurricular activities you find most compelling. For Christian graduate schools, these typically include athletics, leadership seminars and various clubs, but can also include ministry, public service, volunteer work and seminary studies for interested students.
  • Remember that you may need proof of completion of a bachelor's degree program, attendance of a graduate orientation session, letters of recommendation and, in some cases, GMAT scores sent directly from Pearson VUE to get into these schools.

Christian Graduate School Degree Program Overview

Many of the same master's and doctoral programs offered at other graduate schools are available at Christian graduate schools. Most of the graduation requirements are similar to other master's and Ph.D. programs, with some requiring a religious credit. Seminary students usually must take an assessment test. A thesis or project is a usual requirement to graduate from a master's degree or doctoral program. Areas of study can include law, the arts, communication, business or theology.

Whether you're pursuing a graduate degree in a more traditional field of study or enrolling in a program centered on the Christian faith, choosing the Christian graduate school that is right for you depends on factors like your educational goals, a school's denomination and the extracurricular activities they have to offer.

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