Chula Vista Adult School Review

Adult education programs found in Chula Vista, CA, are administered mainly by public school districts or community colleges. These programs offer a full range of adult education classes to support area residents in achieving their personal, academic and vocational goals.

Schools and Programs

Chula Vista is a city located about seven miles from downtown San Diego and the same distance from the Mexican border. Adult learners living in and near this area can find individual courses or certificate programs designed to help them develop career skills or enhance personal abilities. Vocational training can help adults prepare for careers as nursing assistants, office clerks, website designers, small engine mechanics, customer service representatives and administrative assistants, among others.

Adults can also find programs that will help them earn their GED, improve their computer skills or learn English as a second language. Day and evening classes are usually offered, and some programs prepare students to pursue necessary certification in their chosen fields. A couple of schools with adult education programs in Chula Vista are discussed in detail below.

Schools At a Glance

School Institution Type Class Format Program Levels
Chula Vista Adult School High school with adult program In-person GED, certificate
Southwestern Community College 2-year college On-campus, online GED, certificate, degrees

Chula Vista Adult School's Adult Education Classes

Chula Vista Adult School, in the South Bay region of San Diego County, is administered by the Sweetwater Union High School District. Accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges, Chula Vista Adult School provides high quality adult education in several areas, such as adult basic education (ABE), GED preparation, high school completion, parenting, ESL, citizenship and occupational training. Following are some examples of the occupational training programs offered by the adult school.

Administrative Professional - File Clerk

This course prepares graduates for entry-level office work. In addition to standard office procedures, the course covers time management, communication, professional etiquette and customer service skills.

Computer Applications

Adult participants receive training in the Microsoft Office 2010 applications suite. Business document, business presentation, spreadsheet and database creation are among the skills acquired through completion of this day or evening course. Students can earn a certification in programs like Word and Excel.

Certified Nursing Assistant and Home Health Aide

Students must first complete the Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) program, and then they have the option of completing the home health aide program for additional certification. Participants in these courses engage in clinical practice in nursing homes where they care for disabled or aging patients. Both programs are state-approved.

Parenting and Family

These classes prepare adults for rearing and raising children. Two versions of the courses are offered: parent-only and parent-child. Topics range from effective communication and social roles to safety and health concerns.

Southwestern Community College's Adult Education Classes

Southwestern College in Chula Vista has created initiatives and programs to support adults in obtaining the basic skills necessary to succeed at the college level. In addition to degree programs, this community college provides noncredit continuing education courses. The noncredit curriculum comprises various forms of adult education, such as language and literacy courses, GRE preparation and Regional Occupational Program (ROP) courses.

Academic English as a Second Language

English language learners interested in pursuing degree programs can build their academic English skills in this program, which has four levels of classes. The classes emphasize vocabulary development as students approach fluency in conversation, reading and writing.

Landscape and Nursery Technology

Courses in this ROP category include computer-aided landscape design, plant pest and disease control, turf management, plant identification and soils. Additionally, students can take three levels of professional floral design courses.

Computer Aided Design and Drafting

Computer-aided design (CAD) courses in CAD software, Solidworks, and engineering design are available. Students can choose between a basic or advanced certificate program, and/or obtain an associate's degree in computer aided design and drafting by adding a few more classes. There is also strong overlap of courses between the CAD certificate and the associate's degree program in Design Technology.

Advanced Emission Specialist Certificate

Several automotive-related certificates are offered, including an Emission Specialist Certificate. Adult students in this program study engine performance and repair, as well as automotive science and electrical systems. A course in clean air cars is also required.

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