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Citrus Heights, California (CA) Colleges and Universities

There are 45 public and private higher education institutions within a 20-mile radius of Citrus Heights, CA. See rankings of the best and most affordable schools near Citrus Heights to determine which schools might be right for you.

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School Ranking Overview

Aspiring college students living in the Citrus Heights region can choose from community colleges, adult schools, seminaries, 4-year universities and more. To benefit the average student seeking a traditional college experience, we only profile Citrus Heights-area public and private non-profit institutions in this article. After comparing and contrasting these colleges and universities, the best three choices are ranked in the following categories:

  • Most Program Variety
  • Lowest Net Price
  • Highest Graduation Rate
  • Lowest Student-Faculty Ratio

Most Program Variety

Citrus Heights, CA, is located near Sacramento, and the area is home to several types of universities, colleges and institutions. The schools with the most program variety were all 2-year community colleges, and each school had more than 100 programs available. The information below about the most popular or largest programs comes from 2011-2012 data collected by the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES).

1- American River College

American River College is based in Sacramento, which is about three miles from Citrus Heights. This community college offers 124 programs resulting in either certificates or associate's degrees. According to the college's website, areas of study include business, fine arts, health, English, education, humanities and science. Social sciences and liberal studies were the most popular associate's-level fields of study at the school. Other popular fields for associate's-degree students included biological sciences, physical sciences, registered nursing and accounting.

2- Sacramento City College

Sacramento City College is located 16 miles from Citrus Heights and features roughly 110 programs. Social sciences was the most popular associate's-level field of study during the 2011-2012 academic year, while licensed vocational nursing was the most popular certificate program. Students can also pursue certificates or associate's degrees in such areas as behavioral and social sciences, language and literature, advanced technology, business, engineering, fine arts or allied health, per the school's website.

3- Cosumnes River College

Also located in Sacramento, Cosumnes River College sits 17 miles from Citrus Heights and offers about 106 academic programs. Data from the college's website indicated that students can obtain career or academic training in business, communications, technology, the humanities, the arts, engineering, social sciences, health, math or science. During the 2011-2012 school year, the largest associate's degree programs were in the fields of liberal studies, business administration, biological sciences and social sciences. For students interested in earning certificates, the most popular programs were in automotive technology and computer information sciences.

Lowest Net Price

The NCES figures out the net price of a school by taking the cost of attendance and subtracting the average amount of financial aid received by each student. In 2011-2012, the net prices for traditional colleges in the Citrus Heights area ranged from about $6,000-$19,000, according to the NCES. Just like the previous section, the top ranking schools for this section were also 2-year community colleges.

1- Woodland Community College

Woodland Community College is based 20 miles from Citrus Heights and had a net price of $6,489. The NCES reported that 80% of first-year students received some type of financial aid in 2011-2012, and most of these students received either scholarship or grant awards of around $4,000. California undergraduate students paid $1,144 in tuition and fees during the 2012-2013 school year, per the NCES, while out-of-state students paid $6,184.

2- Sacramento City College

Sacramento City College had the second lowest net price in the area at $7,174. In 2011-2012, the NCES reported that 77% of beginning students were awarded grant or scholarship aid, and only 10% of beginning students took out loans during that year. NCES data from 2011-2012 showed that 60% of all students were awarded grants or scholarships, and the average amount of each award was a little over $2,000. In-state tuition and fees for the 2012-2013 school year totaled $1,104, and out-of-state students paid $7,200 for these same expenses, per the NCES.

3- American River College

The net price at American River College was $7,578. According to the NCES, resident undergraduates paid $1,104 in tuition and fees during 2012-2013, while non-residents paid $7,200. The NCES also reported that financial aid packages were awarded to 76% of first-year students in 2011-2012. Records from this same source indicated that 12% of beginning students were offered federal student loans in their financial aid packages, and the average loan amount was almost $5,500.

Highest Graduation Rates

The NCES figures out each school's overall graduation rate by reviewing the number of students who complete their programs within 150% of normal time, which would be three years for an associate's degree or six years for a bachelor's degree. The graduation rates for the top three traditional colleges in the Citrus Heights area ranged from 27%-53%, according to NCES 2011 records. These rates represented students who enrolled in either 4-year degree programs in 2005 or 2-year degree programs in 2008.

1- William Jessup University

Located nine miles from Citrus Heights in Rocklin, William Jessup University, which is a private school, had a graduation rate of 53%. Data from the NCES showed that 41% of students who also started in 2005 earned their bachelor's degrees within four years. This same source reported that the retention rate for full-time students was 78% in 2011.

2- California State University - Sacramento

California State University - Sacramento is located 11 miles from Citrus Heights and had a graduation rate of 42%. In 2011, the NCES reported that retention rates were at 75% for part-time students and 83% for full-time students. Of the students who began their bachelor's degree programs in 2005, the NCES indicated that 6% transferred to other institutions. Furthermore, the NCES showed that out of the 2005 cohort, 11% earned their bachelor's degrees within normal time.

3- Sierra College

Also located in Rocklin, Sierra College had a graduation rate of 27%. Data from the NCES showed that 14% of Sierra students who started in 2008 transferred to other colleges. The NCES also indicated that 8% of the students who started in 2008 completed their programs in the normal amount of time. In 2011, retention rates for full-time students were at 72%, but retention rates for part-time students were lower at only 47%, according to the NCES.

Lowest Student-Faculty Ratio

Students who prefer smaller class sizes may want to consider the student-faculty ratios of colleges before enrolling. Within a 20-mile radius of Citrus Heights, the majority of schools had student-faculty ratios between 20:1 and 40:1. The following three traditional schools each had ratios of 27:1 or lower, according to NCES 2012 records.

1- William Jessup University

William Jessup University had the lowest student-faculty ratio in the area of 13:1. To teach almost 900 undergraduate students, the university employed 84 part-time and 28 full-time faculty members, per the NCES. According to the U.S. News & World Report, the majority of classes were relatively small, as roughly 64% of classes at this school each had 19 students or fewer enrolled in 2011.

2- Woodland Community College

The student-faculty ratio at Woodland Community College was 24:1. Approximately 2,800 students attended the college in fall 2012, according to the NCES. During that same year, the NCES reported that 39 full-time and 80 part-time faculty members taught classes.

3- Sierra College

Sierra College had a student-faculty ratio of 27:1. In 2012, the college employed 843 faculty members, and more than 600 of these workers were registered as part time, according to the NCES. The student population at this college is much larger than the other two schools in the category, and the NCES reported that 18,831 undergraduates were enrolled as of fall 2012.

Citrus Heights Schools at a Glance

School Name Location School Type Degree/Program Levels Offered Area Ranking
American River College Sacramento, CA (3 miles from Citrus Heights) 2-year, public Less than 1-year, 1-2-year, 2-4-year certificates; associate's degrees Most Program Variety,
3rd Lowest Net Price
California State University - Sacramento Sacramento, CA (11 miles from Citrus Heights) 4-year, public Bachelor's, master's and doctoral degrees 2nd Highest Graduation Rate
Cosumnes River College Sacramento, CA (17 miles from Citrus Heights) 2-year, public Less than 1-year, 1-2-year, 2-4-year certificates; associate's degrees 3rd Most Program Variety
Sacramento City College Sacramento, CA (12 miles from Citrus Heights) 2-year, public Less than 1-year, 1-2-year, 2-4-year certificates; associate's degrees 2nd Most Program Variety,
2nd Lowest Net Price
Sierra College Rocklin, CA (8 miles from Citrus Heights) 2-year, public Less than 1-year and 1-2-year certificates; associate's degrees 3rd Highest Graduation Rate,
3rd Lowest Student-Faculty Ratio
William Jessup University Rocklin, CA (9 miles from Citrus Heights) 4-year, private, not-for-profit Less than 1-year and 1-2-year certificates; associate's degrees and bachelor's degrees; postbaccalaureate certificates Highest Graduation Rate,
Lowest Student-Faculty Ratio
Woodland Community College Woodland, CA (20 miles from Citrus Heights) 2-year, public Less than 1-year and 1-2-year certificates; associate's degrees Lowest Net Price,
2nd Lowest Student-Faculty Ratio
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