Civil Engineering Colleges, Universities and Schools in the U.S.

Civil engineering programs apply the principles of math and science to the development of large structures, such as bridges and buildings. These programs have many sub-specialties that students may choose from, especially at the graduate level.

How to Select a Civil Engineering School

Civil engineering is generally offered as a bachelor's or master's program. Course topics include studies of science, mathematics, engineering, structural design, life sciences and the social sciences. Undergraduate programs prepare students to become entry-level civil engineers, while graduate programs may be more applicable for individuals who want to do research or are looking to advance their careers.

Further considerations for students in this field:

  • Civil engineering has many subdivisions or specialty areas, including structural engineering, transportation engineering and geotechnical engineering. Students need to make sure the area they're going to specialize in is highlighted in their chosen program.
  • Some colleges offer dual degree programs in civil engineering and another field, so students interested in related fields, like urban planning, should look for schools that offer the dual-degree option that interests them.

Program Information

Bachelor's degree programs typically have students complete the foundational coursework in mathematics and science during their first two years in the program. The core civil engineering coursework covers topics in concrete, materials and structures. Graduate programs are tailored more toward an individual's specialty with some room for student's to select the courses they take. Often, these programs will offer tracks within civil engineering, such as structural or transportation.

10 Civil Engineering Schools

College\University Institution Type
Arizona State University 4-year, Public
Ohio State University 4-year, Public
University of Florida 4-year, Public
University of Minnesota 4-year, Public
University of Central Florida 4-year, Public
The University of Texas at Austin 4-year, Public
Texas A&M University 4-year, Public
Michigan State University 4-year, Public
University of South Florida 4-year, Public
University of Illinois at Chicago 4-year, Public

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