Agribusiness Class and Course Descriptions

Agribusiness classes inform students about the business aspects of farming. The economics of agriculture, farm finance and international trade are just a few topics covered in agribusiness courses. Keep reading the article below for more essential details.

Essential Information

An agribusiness degree program prepares students for the accounting, market advising, public relations and financial aspects of farm management. Coursework includes instruction in managing farm finances, how to plan ahead and an overview of agricultural economics. Students will learn the ins and outs of running a farm or other agricultural business, and they will gain new perspectives on international agricultural markets, trends and regulations.

List of Agribusiness Courses

Get more information about coursework in agribusiness classes in the course descriptions below.

Food and Agribusiness Course

Students who study food and agribusiness will make complex and long-term decisions and will need to learn how to address these issues. Students will complete an in-depth study of mergers and property rights as they relate to food and agriculture. Students in this course may complete a market analysis to show that they understand how managers and firms function when competition is low. This course is an ideal starting point for any agribusiness program.

Economics in Agribusiness Course

In this class, students will look at economic principles and how they can be applied to the challenges presented by agriculture and agribusiness. An examination of supply and demand, as well as cost minimization and profit maximization, are essential for students who will be furthering their agribusiness studies. The course also examines agricultural monopolies and market structures.

Financial Management Course

An important skill for those working in the agribusiness field is the understanding of long-term investments, comparative financial analysis, capital structure and financial investments. This course is intended for students who are pursuing an undergraduate agribusiness major. Students will also be introduced to a variety of financial management principles and alternative investment opportunities.

International Business Course

Business with other countries will form a major part of agribusiness in the coming years. Because of this, students should complete a course in international business. In this class, students explore the challenges of undertaking international business deals, including complex legislation, international cultural differences, economies and politics. Students will gain an understanding of how to forecast the outcome of international agribusiness relations. This course emphasizes the importance of international trade agreements, like NAFTA.

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