Classroom Management Training Programs and Certificates

Classroom management training helps teachers understand methods for exercising leadership and managing behavior in their students. Classroom management techniques are typically taught to education majors as part of their initial education degree programs. However, courses and certificates are also available to licensed educators and school professionals as continuing education training.

Training Requirements and Recommendations

Study in classroom management is often included as part of a bachelor's or master's degree in education. Specific training in classroom management isn't a requirement for most teaching jobs; however, it may be beneficial to those looking to work with at-risk students or children with behavioral problems. Those who study classroom management should have patience and be able to establish a rapport with students and parents alike.

Formal Education

Focused training in classroom management is available in individual continuing education courses or short certificate programs. These courses can be taken by those currently working on an education degree or professional teachers seeking to enhance their skills.

Certificate Programs

A classroom management certificate program teaches participants how to motivate students and establish effective teaching environments. School professionals learn to promote accountability and problem-solving among students. They learn to build relationships with peers and parents. Time management and its relationship to classroom organization and cohesion is also discussed.

Job Experience

Aspiring or veteran elementary, middle and high school teachers most often pursue classroom management training. Special education and secondary language instructors also take classes in classroom management. Others working in education-related fields who may benefit from classroom management training include principals, school counselors, teacher aides and community childcare workers.

Workshops and Seminars

Many colleges sponsor campus-based classroom management seminars, which can run for a few hours to a full day. Seminars may also be broadcast over the Internet. These seminars often count toward continuing education requirements for teacher licensure renewal. Topics can include general classroom management strategies or related topics, such as student behavior and motivation, educational psychology and special education classroom management.

Additional Professional Development

A number of websites dedicated to instructors and other education professionals, including the National Education Association's site (, often provide instructional articles specific to classroom management issues. Teachers, school psychologists and administrators can also look to related books and industry magazines for tips.

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