Clovis, California (CA) Colleges and Universities

There are over 20 colleges and universities within the Clovis, CA, area. Read about the schools with most program variety, highest graduation rates, lowest student-faculty ratios and lowest costs to find the school for you.

School Ranking Overview

The Clovis, CA area is home to a number of colleges and universities, including a large, public 4-year university, two public colleges that grant associate's degrees and a private Christian college. To help students make the right choice, this article focuses on five traditional schools that offer a wide curriculum, ranking the top three in the following categories:

  • Most Program Variety
  • Lowest Net Price
  • Highest Graduation Rate
  • Lowest Student-Faculty Ratio

Most Program Variety

A wide choice of academic program offerings is a boon for individuals who are undecided as to what to study. Three public and private not-for-profit schools in the Clovis, CA, area offer more than 75 programs at several academic levels. Here is information on the schools, majors and degrees offered, attributable to the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES).

1 - Fresno City College

Fresno City College is a two-year public school that offers approximately 130 programs to its nearly 21,630 students. Many courses are offered online. The category of homeland security, law enforcement, firefighting and related protective services was the most common area of study for students earning less than one-year certificates in 2011-12. More than a fifth of all certificates were in criminal justice/police science. Programs in the health professions, particularly registered nursing, were the most common fields of study for associate's degree students. Many students earned degrees in liberal arts and sciences, as well.

2 - Fresno Pacific University

Fresno Pacific University offers about 86 academic programs, and bachelor's degree programs are the most prevalent among the approximately 3,353 students. Nearly a third of the bachelor's degrees conferred in 2011-12 were in business, management, marketing and related support services and almost as many were in education. Education was the most common field of study for master's degree students, and accounted for 19 of the 24 doctor's degrees issued that year. In its 2013 Best Colleges rankings, U.S. News & World Report put Fresno Pacific at #42 on its 2014 Regional Universities (West) list.

3 - California State University - Fresno

At Cal State - Fresno, the 22,565 students can choose from roughly 79 academic programs. Business administration and management was the most common major for bachelor's degree students in 2011-12. Many students majored in the health professions and the social sciences, mainly criminology. Education was the most common field of study for master's and doctor's degree students. Cal State - Fresno was ranked 36th overall among the 2014 Regional Universities (West) list and 8th among public schools by U.S. News & World Report on it 2014 list.

Lowest Net Price

Costs are an issue for many students, so looking at a school's average net price will give them an idea of what their college expenses may be. To determine the average net price, the NCES takes the total cost of attendance (which includes some living expenses, course materials, tuition and fees) and deducts the amount of federal and institutional financial aid the average student receives. Average net prices at Clovis-area schools go from a low of nearly $4,300 to more than $28,000. Here are the three mainstream schools with the lowest net prices for in-state students in 2011-12, along with information on financial aid and tuition. All data comes from the NCES.

1 - Fresno City College

Students at Fresno City College could expect to pay an average net price of $4,288, the lowest cost of any school within 25 miles of Clovis. In 2012-13, students were charged an average of just $1,140 in fees and tuition if they were California residents, but they paid $6,780 if they lived out-of-state. Grants and/or scholarships averaging $3,229 went to 72% of Fresno City College students in 2011-12, while 10% also had federal student loans in an average amount of $1,781.

2 - California State University - Fresno

Cal State - Fresno students faced an average net price of $5,894. In 2011-12, 60% of the school's undergraduates got an average aid package of $9,597 in grants or scholarships, and 37% received federal student loans averaging $6,233. 2012-13 tuition and fees for California residents were $6,228. Non-residents paid $17,886.

3 - Reedley College

The average net price was $8,014 at Reedley College, a two-year school with nearly 13,737 students. In-state students paid $1,140 in tuition and fees in 2012-13, and out-of-state students paid an average of $6,780. Grants and/or scholarship packages averaging $2,610 went to two-thirds of all undergraduates in 2011-12, while just 2% of undergraduates took out federal student loans. Those loans totaled $2,967.

Highest Graduation Rate

A school's overall graduation rate shows the number of students who completed a certificate or degree program in 150% of the 'usual' time (within six years, for instance, for a bachelor's degree program). The schools in the Clovis area have graduation rates topping out at 81% and going down to just 4%. The three public and private not-for-profit schools with the highest overall graduation rates are listed here. All information comes from the NCES.

1 - Fresno Pacific University

Fresno Pacific posted a 59% overall graduation rate for students who began their studies in fall 2006. Of the graduates with bachelor's degrees who started then, 48% graduated in four years. Of the bachelor's degree students who started in fall 2004, 64% completed their programs in eight years or fewer. Fresno Pacific's retention rate, which is the percentage of beginning students who return the following year, was 78% for full-time students and 20% for part-time from fall 2011-fall 2012.

2 - Clovis Adult Education

With four certificate programs, Clovis Adult Education has about 456 students and is operated by the Clovis Unified School District. Its overall graduation rate was 57% for students who started in 2009-10. Among the graduates, 43% of those who started in 2009-10 completed their programs in the 'normal' time, and 69% of the students who started in 2008-09 finished in twice the 'normal' time. Among the full-time students who started in fall 2011, 54% returned the next year, as did 63% of part-time students.

3 - California State University - Fresno

The overall graduation at Cal State - Fresno was 48% for beginning students from fall 2006, and 2% of students in that cohort transferred to another school. Just 14% of the bachelor's degree students who enrolled then graduated in four years, but 58% of the bachelor's degree students who started in fall 2004 graduated within eight years. The school's retention rate, a measure of student satisfaction, was a very high 83% for full-time students from fall 2011-fall 2012 and 52% for part-time students.

Lowest Student-Faculty Ratio

Students who want a more personalized educational experience would do well to look at the student-faculty ratios at schools they are considering. Most colleges in the Clovis area don't have particularly low numbers of students compared to faculty members, but here are the three mainstream schools with the lowest ratios, along with information about size of the faculty and class sizes.

1 - Fresno Pacific University

U.S. News & World Report found in 2012 that 34.1% of the classes at Fresno Pacific had 20 or more students, and most of those had between 20 and 49 students. This predominance of small class sizes gave Fresno Pacific a student-faculty ratio of 14:1, the NCES reported. In fall 2012, Fresno Pacific employed 95 full-time faculty members as instructors and 258 part-time.

2 - Fresno City College

The student-faculty ratio at Fresno City College was 26:1, the NCES reported. The college's instructional faculty was made up of 320 full-time employees and 576 part-time in the fall of 2012, according to the NCES. The school reports that it boosts student achievement through an array of student learning support services, including tutoring sessions, an academic computer lab, an online writing center and skills workshops.

2 - California State University - Fresno

Cal State - Fresno posted a 26:1 student-faculty ratio, according to the NCES, which tied it for second place. More than 62% of the school's classes contained 20 to 49 students according to 2012 data, said U.S. News & World Report, while 15.7% had 19 or fewer students. In fall 2012, Cal State Fresno had 638 full-time faculty members working in instruction, along with 549 part-time. The university also utilized 168 graduate students as instructors, this source noted.

Clovis, CA, College and Universities at a Glance

School Name Location School Type Degrees Offered Area Ranking
California State University - Fresno Fresno, CA (5 miles from Clovis) Four-year, public Less-than-one-year, post-baccalaureate and post-master's certificates; bachelor's, master's and doctor's degrees 2nd Lowest Net Price,
2nd Lowest Student-Faculty Ratio (tie),
3rd Most Program Variety,
3rd Highest Graduation Rate
Clovis Adult Education Clovis, CA Less than two-year, public Less than one-year and one- but less than two-year certificates 2nd Highest Graduation Rate
Fresno City College Fresno, CA (8 miles from Clovis) Two-year, public Less-than-one-year and one-but-less-than-two-year certificates; associate's degrees Most Program Variety,
Lowest Net Price,
2nd Lowest Student-Faculty Ratio (tie)
Fresno Pacific University Fresno, CA (8 miles from Clovis) Four-year, private not-for-profit Associate's, bachelor's and master's degrees; post-baccalaureate certificates Highest Graduation Rate,
Lowest Student-Faculty Ratio,
2nd Most Program Variety
Reedley College Reedley, CA (20 miles from Clovis) Two-year, public Less-than-one-year and one-but-less-than-two-year certificates; associate's degrees 3rd Lowest Net Price

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