4. Information Technology Degrees

Information Technology Degrees

Information technology careers are a bit variable, and they don't weather recession periods as well as healthcare, education, or business. Experience can also add a lot of value to your resume, dropping unemployment for recent information systems grads from 11.7% to 5.4%. New computer science graduates have a better chance at getting a job, with an unemployment rate of only 7.8% (5.6% with experience). Software developers enjoy more stability than users and analysts. During good economic times, technology jobs tend to recover amply. You can often get started in the tech field with an associate degree and/or technical certifications, which can provide the experience you'll need to land higher-paying jobs. Adding a bachelor's or master's degree to your resume can improve your shot for management jobs in IT. Online options are available at every academic level, making working and going to school possible.

MajorUnemployment RateAverage SalaryEducation Info
Information Systems5.4%*$68,000*Information Systems Degrees
Computer Science5.6%*$81,000*Computer Science Degrees
Networking &
6.2%*$60,000*Telecommunications Degrees
Computer Engineering5.0%*$89,000*Computer Engineering Degrees

(*Source: Hard Times: Not All College Degrees Are Created Equal; unemployment rate and salary based on experienced college graduate)

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