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CNA Classes Overview

CNA courses prepare students to pass the certified nursing assistant exam, which is required for work in this field. Keep reading to find out more about CNA classes

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Essential Information

Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA) classes are available through nursing assistant certificate programs that usually take one or two semesters. Students taking CNA courses acquire basic nursing skills, patient care skills and practical experience providing assistance in nursing. Courses prepare students with the skills and clinical hours needed to meet training requirements and can help potential CNAs to study for their certification exam.

List of CNA Courses

The following class descriptions give an overview of what potential CNAs will study to prepare for jobs as certified nursing assistants.

CNA Theory Course

Students taking a CNA theory course examine issues relating specifically to certified nursing assistants. The course provides an overview of hygiene management, infection control and data collection. Students gain experience taking blood pressure, drawing blood and other practical nursing techniques.

Convalescent Care Nurse Assistant Course

This practical introductory class covers all basic nursing procedures and CNA practices. Among other topics, CNA students learn about safety procedures, infection control and patient rights. Practical patient care skills taught include bathing, dressing and feeding patients and making their beds. This course also covers steps in checking vital signs and providing medication as prescribed.

Home Health Aide Course

This combination lab and lecture course introduces CNA students to key issues in working as a home health aide. Topics covered in this course include safety and liability issues, food management and recordkeeping. Students learn techniques for noting changes in patient behavior or health and gain experience monitoring conditions. This course could include an observational period working in a nursing home so students can experience multiple patients.

Acute Care Nurse Assistant Course

This class teaches the skills certified nurse assistants need to work in hospitals or clinics and addresses the social, psychological and physical requirements of patients. CNA students learn the basics about the causes and prevention of disease. In the class, students develop practical nursing skills, such as assessment, decision-making, time management, problem solving, prioritizing and interviewing techniques.

CNA Clinical Course

Students in a clinical CNA course provide direct patient care under supervision of a registered nurse in hospitals, doctor's offices, clinics and nursing homes. This provides students with the opportunity for them to experience the pace in each of the environments and learn which settings they are most comfortable working in for their career. Clinical experiences also cements the skills CNA students have acquired and builds confidence in the workplace.

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