Cobb County Adult Education Program with School Info

Adults living in and near Cobb County, located in the northern part of Georgia, have several options when it comes to adult education. Individual courses and certificate programs are offered in community centers and public school settings. More information about these institutions and their adult education programs is found in this article.

Education Centers and Programs

Cobb County residents seeking an adult education can receive job training, earn high school diplomas or improve English language skills. Career training programs most often result in a certificate and can prepare adult learners for employment in a variety of fields, including:

  • Welding
  • Web design
  • Medical billing
  • Administrative assistanting
  • Carpentry
  • Home inspection

Career preparation studies can in some cases help students prepare to obtain professional certification in their fields. Noncredit programs allow adults to pursue personal interests, such as developing artistic skills, playing a musical instrument or taking exercise classes. Some programs are offered online. Details about two adult schools in Cobb County are found below.

Cobb County Adult Education Center's Educational Program

The Cobb County Adult Education Center serves students in Cobb and nearby Paulding counties. The center offers opportunities for adult students to complete their high school diploma or to prepare for the general educational development (GED) test. Programs are also offered for English-language learners.

Adult High School Program

Adult students can earn their high school diploma by completing 18 credits through the self-paced program. The diploma earned differs from a traditional high school diploma. However, it is typically accepted by the military and colleges.

General Educational Development Program

The Adult Education Center offers a pre-GED course for students who need basic instruction in language, math and reading. Students who score highly enough on the tests of adult basic education can move on to the GED course. GED preparation courses cover the language arts, reading, writing, social studies, science and math skills that are covered on the GED test.

English as a Second Language Program

English as a Second Language (ESL) classes are offered at different skill levels. Students take a placement test to determine their base level of skill. These classes focus on vocabulary, grammar and conversational English. A citizenship class is also offered.

Contact Information

  • Address: 240 Barber Rd., Marietta, GA 30060
  • Phone Number: 678-594-8011

Marietta Community School's Adult Education Programs

The Marietta Community School, in partnership with Gatlin Education Services, offers adult education programs aimed at professional and vocation training and development. Programs are offered in areas like health and fitness, business, computer technology, media and design, hospitality and skilled trades. Some programs award a certificate of completion.

Medical Billing and Coding Certificate

The certificate program in medical billing and coding prepares students for entry-level jobs in a medical office setting or with an insurance company. Students who successfully complete the program are prepared to take the National Health Career Association's medical billing and coding certification exam.

Web Database Developer Certificate

The school offers a certificate program in database development that provides the skills needed to use databases on the Internet. Students study database design and development, e-commerce and data warehousing.

Certified Wedding Planner Certificate

The wedding planner certificate program helps students prepare for a career planning wedding and special events. Students study the wedding industry, business skills, marketing and finance.

Administrative Professional Program

Students who complete the administrative professional program are prepared to become Microsoft Certified Application Specialists. Students learn the basics of the Vista operating systems long with how to use Microsoft applications, including Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

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