College Math Credits From Online Colleges and Universities

Many colleges and universities offer online math courses for college credit that can be applied toward a certificate, degree or continuing education requirements. Course offerings range from pre-algebra courses for high school students to linear algebra courses for university students. Read about the types of courses available online and what you can expect as a student.

Overview of Online Math Courses

Many math courses are available online to college students, high school students and working adults interested in gaining college credit toward a degree or pursuing continuing education. These courses often last the same amount of time as traditional classroom courses (roughly 8-16 weeks), and cover the same basic material. Some schools offer independent study courses with flexible start dates and give students up to a year to finish. Some schools offering these courses also provide free tutoring services to students. Prerequisite courses may be required for many online math courses, so students may want to investigate requirements prior to enrollment.

Types of Courses Available

Both high school and college-level online math courses are available. Some of the lower-level courses cover foundational topics, such as pre-algebra through college algebra, geometry, pre-calculus and business math. More advanced courses assume prior knowledge in mathematics and cover topics such as the following:

  • Trigonometry
  • Calculus
  • Finite mathematics
  • Business calculus
  • Differential equations
  • Linear algebra
  • Probability and statistics
  • Integrated mathematics

Can Everything Be Completed Online?

While math courses for college credit are offered online, many of them require proctored, or supervised, examinations. Also, these courses are not always self-paced in the sense that coursework can be turned in at a time of convenience for the student, but have deadlines for assignments just like courses taken in a traditional classroom environment. However, students can typically work on and complete assignments on their own time prior to the deadline.

Prerequisite Requirements

Students may also be required to complete prerequisite courses prior to enrolling. For example, some college algebra courses require students to complete second-year high school algebra before enrolling. Students are expected to be able to study independently, turn in assignments on time and be familiar with computers, e-mail and the Internet.

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