Colleges for a Singing Career in the U.S.

When evaluating schools in preparation for a singing career, students have many considerations to take into account. Appraising the program's size and reputation, available degrees and career placement services can help students choose a college for singing.

How to Select a College for Singing

When selecting a college or university at which to study singing, one of the first factors to consider is the available degrees. Degrees awarded in voice and vocal performance include the Bachelor of Music (B.M.), Master of Music (M.M.), Doctor of Music Arts (DMA) and Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.). A student should choose a program based on his or her existing educational background and career ambitions. Advanced degrees in music prepare students for careers as performers and, in some cases, music educators.

Another important consideration for students selecting singing colleges is the size and reputation of the school. Individualized attention and small class size are important for performing arts education programs like singing. The reputation of a singing school and its faculty might also attract students.

Students selecting a college to become singers might consider the career placement services that a school offers. Access to networking opportunities, industry events, performances and industry insiders might help students get a foot in the door. A school's relationship with music, theater and performance companies also could impact a student's decision in choosing a school for singing.

Largest Colleges by Student Enrollment

College/University Student Population Institution Type
Arizona State University 67,082 4-year, Public
Ohio State University 53,715 4-year, Public
University of Central Florida 50,121 4-year, Public
University of Texas at Austin 49,984 4-year, Public
Michigan State University 46,510 4-year, Public
University of South Florida 46,189 4-year, Public
Pennsylvania State University 44,406 4-year, Public
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign 43,246 4-year, Public
New York University 42,189 4-year, Private not-for-profit
University of Wisconsin-Madison 41,620 4-year, Public
University of Michigan-Ann Arbor 41,028 4-year, Public
Indiana University-Bloomington 40,354 4-year, Public
University of Washington-Seattle Campus 39,675 4-year, Public
Florida State University 38,682 4-year, Public
University of Arizona 38,057 4-year, Public
California State University-Long Beach 37,891 4-year, Public
University of Maryland-College Park 37,000 4-year, Public
California State University-Fullerton 36,996 4-year, Public
California State University-Northridge 36,208 4-year, Public
University of Houston 36,104 4-year, Public

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