Communications Associate's Degree Programs with Course Info

Associate's degree programs in communications teach students the skills needed to excel in media and writing fields. Learn more about the program, specializations, courses, and career options to graduates.

Essential Information

Communications is a wide area of study that can both address basic writing and speaking skills and examine more specific areas, such as journalism, digital media, film and mass communications. Students in communications associate's degree programs learn to present information effectively in a variety of different formats to different audiences. Students also learn how to compare and contrast various media forms, examining their societal and cultural impacts, and may also learn how to apply communication strategies within a corporate setting.

Many such programs place emphasis on new forms of media communication, including blogging, online content writing, texting, social networking and video blogging. Associate degree programs in communications take about two years to complete on a full-time basis. Course credit is often transferable to 4-year institutions.

Associate's Degree in Communications

Associate's degree programs in communications do not typically require educational prerequisites beyond a high school diploma or GED; however, many programs note that the most successful students have prior experience in writing, public speaking or journalism. Once enrolled, communications students learn about effective communication across cultures, experience levels and demographic boundaries by examining communication media, such as newspaper, magazine, radio and television. Coursework in communications programs is structured mostly around didactic learning. Hands-on learning may be required for communications specializations involving technical competency, such as television, radio and film. Common courses include:

  • Introductory mass communications
  • Information, technology and society
  • English composition
  • Public speaking
  • Digital media editing
  • Public relations

Popular Career Options

Because of the breadth of study found in communications associate's degree programs, they can prepare a student for a variety of careers if he or she chooses to enter the workforce after graduation. Here are some job titles available to those with this degree:

  • Digital media artist
  • Public relations associate
  • Journalist
  • Blogger
  • Social media consultant

Students in an associate's degree program in communications study coursework covers a variety of topics, such as public speaking, different media formats, and communication strategies. In the program students will also be required to complete hands-on experiences in film, television, and radio, creating skill sets that prepare graduates for a variety of careers in media.

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