Computer Maintenance Schools with Training and Certification Info

Prospective computer maintenance professionals generally study electronics technology. Students should look for electronics technology programs that highlight training in computer maintenance and repair. Other factors to consider when selecting a computer maintenance program are outlined in this article.

How to Select a Computer Maintenance School

Computer maintenance involves the installation, upkeep, repair and security of computer equipment and networks. Students who want to become computer maintenance professionals usually obtain an associate's degree in electronics technology. General course topics include troubleshooting and repair, digital electronics, microprocessors, industrial electronics and electronic circuits.

Because electronics technology is a broad field, students need to make sure the program they select emphasizes computer maintenance. Students may also want to consider programs that allow them to work toward a certificate in computer maintenance and an associate's degree in electronics technology simultaneously.

Getting hands-on experience is important for computer maintenance majors, so students should look for programs that offer extensive lab work or practicums. Students also need to make sure the equipment they will be training on is up-to-date.

Training and Certification

Apart from degree programs, computer maintenance professionals may also complete training at a vocational school, in the military or through a manufacturer's training program. Coursework usually includes math, computer technology, computer maintenance basics, system troubleshooting, network fundamentals, installation and repair.

Many organizations offer certification for computer maintenance professionals. For example, CompTIA, a global IT trade association, offers A+ certification. Held as the industry standard, A+ certification helps employers determine a worker's level of skill and knowledge in computer support.

Largest Schools by Student Enrollment

College/University Student Population Institution Type
Broward College33,4482-year, Public
Florida Community College at Jacksonville25,9034-year, primarily associate's, Public
Johnson County Community College19,0552-year, Public
Tulsa Community College18,3252-year, Public
University of Alaska Anchorage16,6494-year, Public
Brevard Community College15,6072-year, Public
Grand Rapids Community College15,4032-year, Public
Wake Technical Community College14,7472-year, Public
Delgado Community College14,4502-year, Public
Bunker Hill Community College9,4972-year, Public
Pitt Community College7,0762-year, Public
Mohawk Valley Community College-Utica Branch6,1842-year, Public
Central Georgia Technical College5,5882-year, Public
Coastal Carolina Community College4,8572-year, Public
Johnston Community College4,1482-year, Public
Danville Community College4,0262-year, Public
Southwest Virginia Community College3,9842-year, Public
Central Carolina Community College3,8662-year, Public
Emily Griffith Opportunity School2,564Less than 2-year, Public
Charles A. Jones Skills and Business Education Center2,2642-year, Public

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