Computer Repair Course Online with Class Descriptions

If you're interested in completing computer repair training online, you can enroll in an individual course. You can also complete classes online through an undergraduate program in a computer field. Read on for descriptions about course options.

Individual Online Courses

Students who want to take stand-alone classes may need to meet certain academic prerequisites or receive special permission from the instructor. These classes tend to appeal to those who want to know how to troubleshoot their home computer or repair items such as printers, central processing units (CPUs) and network security. They can also be helpful to existing computer support professionals looking to develop additional skills. Below are a couple of courses available through online learning.

A+ Certification Preparation Courses

An A+ certification program is a vendor-neutral training program that covers PC repair topics like installation, upgrading and troubleshooting, culminating in the taking of two exams. While normally geared toward entry-level computer support technicians seeking professional credentials, this class is available to anyone and may be offered at different levels of competency, from basic to advanced. Individuals interested in this course of study can look to 2- and 4-year colleges, university continuing education departments and CompTIA, the organization that offers the A+ exam.

Computer Technician Courses

In addition to offering preparation for the A+ certification exam, a computer technician course provides students with a foundational understanding of hardware and software components. Other topics of study could include network configuration, systems troubleshooting, equipment maintenance and repair. Courses like this can be found in community colleges, career schools and schools of continuing education.

Degree Programs with Online Course Options

Online courses can also be offered as part of larger hybrid or entirely online programs. Some classes include troubleshooting and maintenance of Microsoft operating systems and Linux network systems. Individuals who aren't interested in years of study can look to certificate and diploma programs, which can take a respective three and six months to complete. Here are a few programs that offer online learning in computer repair.

  • Computer Technician Certificate
  • Diploma in Computer Service and Repair
  • Associate of Science in Electronics and Computer Technology
  • Associate of Applied Science in Information Systems Administration
  • Bachelor of Science in Information Technology

Online Delivery Methods and Requirements

In an online program it is common for students to provide their own equipment and tools for practice and training purposes. In addition, most online computer repair classes offer virtual labs for students to further develop their skills. Students may also participate in interactive and asynchronous lectures, through the use of teleconferencing, video conferencing, email, instant messaging and discussion boards. Some online computer repair courses mail the required printed materials and CD-ROMs to students.

It's important for students to research individual classes prior to registration to verify that their personal computer meets technical requirements needed to participate in online coursework. For example, some classes might mandate that students' PCs have at least 1 gigabyte of RAM, connection to the Internet via broadband or DSL or additional application plug-in capability.

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