Computer Technician Courses Online: Overview of College Programs

Courses for aspiring computer technicians are widely available online. This article provides an overview of programs that include these courses, along with information on common requirements and areas of study.

Essential Information

Computer technician courses are available entirely online through undergraduate and graduate programs at many colleges and universities. Topics covered in these programs might include operating systems, networking computers, troubleshooting and maintaining a PC, memory systems, data storage devices and security.

Online courses for computer technicians can be found through diploma, certificate, associate's, bachelor's and master's degree programs in fields such as the following:

  • Computer information systems
  • Computer information technology
  • Computer repair and maintenance

Many distance learning programs and courses for computer technicians are presented to students via video conferencing, email and discussion boards. Institutes of higher learning commonly mail any necessary printed materials and CD-ROMs to students.

Program Options

Undergraduate degree programs are usually intended for students wishing to troubleshoot computer systems, evaluate software or design computer networks at the entry level; graduate degree programs tend to be geared toward those seeking to become information technology (IT) analysts or managers in a business setting. Required liberal arts and business courses may augment the career-specific computer technician curriculum, particularly at the undergraduate degree level.

Diploma and certificate programs may take as little as a few months to complete, while associate's and bachelor's degree programs can take two years or more. Graduate degree programs can take as little as two years, depending on the school and/or courseload.

Admission Requirements

Students with a high school diploma or the equivalent can enroll in undergraduate programs. Additional admission requirements may include placement tests or submission of ACT or SAT scores. Graduate programs are generally aimed towards students who have already earned a bachelor's degree in a technology-related field.

Common Courses

Both undergraduate and graduate degree programs for aspiring computer technicians can include coursework in the areas listed below; undergraduate courses typically introduce the fundamentals, while graduate courses often cover more advanced topics, such as management and development strategies.

  • Network theory and design
  • Internet applications
  • Software and hardware systems
  • Computer programming

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