Construction Management Associates Degree Programs

Construction management is a field encompassing the construction of residential, commercial, and public projects, ranging in scale from homes and offices to schools, bridges, and hospitals. Construction management associate degree programs provide introductory education in business skills and the hands-on aspects of construction, including roofing, framing, and drafting.

Essential Information

Students enrolled in these programs are encouraged to seek internships. To be effective in construction management, students also gain a strong background in writing, mathematics and science. Classes may be offered online.

  • Prerequisites: High school diploma or GED; ACT or SAT scores
  • Online Availability: Classes may be offered online
  • Program Length: Two years

Associate Degree in Construction Management

Courses in construction management associate degree programs train students in the essential skills necessary for effective leadership on a construction site. These skills range from construction practices to safety to general business subjects. Common course topics include the following:

  • Introductory construction safety and health regulations
  • Construction safety and supervision
  • Fundamentals of blueprint reading
  • Introductory surveying and mapping
  • Building construction methods and materials
  • Principles of management and leadership

Popular Career Options

Construction management associate degree programs prepare students for entry-level positions in many facets of the construction industry. These include roles not only directly in construction, but also in planning, development, marketing, sales, and safety. Possibilities include the following positions:

  • Land developer
  • Land-use planner
  • Construction contractor
  • On-site field superintendent
  • Construction cost estimator

Continuing Education Information

While an associate degree in construction management is adequate for entry-level work, most leadership positions require a bachelor's degree. Common bachelor's degree fields include construction management, construction science, civil engineering, and building science. In addition to a bachelor's degree, work experience is highly regarded, whether it's in a construction leadership position or a building trade. Master's degree programs are also available in construction management and construction science, though these are most often pursued by individuals who are interested in construction careers but have undergraduate degrees in unrelated fields.

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