Court Reporting Schools in Texas with Program Overviews

There are four schools in Texas that have court reporter certificate and degree programs. Read an overview of four schools' programs, requirements and admission info and find out which school is the right one for you.

Essential Information

In Texas, court reporting associate's degree programs and related certificate programs are offered by 2-year schools. These programs prepare students for certification in the field in some cases. Students get the opportunity to use steno machines and other tools of the field, and may need to complete a capstone course. In addition, students may need to prove transcription speed in order to gain admittance.

Alvin Community College

Alvin Community College, located in Alvin, Texas, provides court reporting training that has been recognized by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board as an exemplary program and is certified by the NCRA. The school offers a 45-credit court reporting certificate covering law and legal terminology, reporting technology, real-time reporting, procedures and machine shorthand speed building. In addition to court reporting courses, the 60-credit associate's program includes general education courses. Graduates are prepared for Texas certification.

The school also offers an enhanced skills certificate program that prepares associate's degree students to work in the field of closed captioning and real-time translation for meetings, seminars and academic instruction. There is also a one-year court reporting scopist certificate program.

Del Mar College

Corpus Christie's Del Mar College is a large, two-year school with about 11,000 students. The Department of Business Administration provides two main programs in court reporting, including a 72-semester-hour Associate of Applied Science and a 57-semester-hour certificate program through the East Campus. The school also offers a 33-semester-hour certificate program in information reporting/scoping and a certificate in judicial real-time/communication access real-time translation (CART)/captioning, an enhanced skills program consisting of 12 semester hours.

In addition to covering the technology, terminology and procedures used in court reporting, the curriculum focuses heavily upon machine shorthand and speed building exercises. Delmar court reporter programs prepare students to pass the Texas Certified Shorthand Reporter (CSR) examination and the National Registered Professional Reporter (NRPR) examination.

El Paso Community College

El Paso Community College is located in El Paso. The Associate of Applied Science program in court reporting covers English composition, keyboarding, law and legal terminology, machine shorthand, word processing, medical terminology, literature, politics and math. In addition to cooperative education courses, students complete a capstone course that prepares them for CSR and Registered Professional Reporter (RPR) exams. The 21-credit legal stenographer/scopist certificate program explores law and legal terminology, machine shorthand, word processing and medical terminology.

San Antonio College

Located in San Antonio, San Antonio College (SAC) is part of the Alamo Colleges. SAC offers three court reporter certificate programs and an associate's degree program. The 23-credit court reporting: transcriptionist/scopist level I certificate program examines basic machine shorthand and real-time reporting, and provides additional coursework in word processing, document processing, keyboarding and computers. After completing the level I program, students can move on to the 45-credit court reporting: computer-aided transcription technology level II certificate program. Upon completion of the level II program, the student will be qualified to sit for the Texas CSR examination. These programs also can be applied to the 60-credit Associate of Applied Science in Court Reporting: Computer-Aided Transcription Technology degree program.

The captioning court reporting enhanced skills program is a 15-credit hour program that provides advanced coursework in real-time reporting and/or captioning, including the software and equipment. Applicants must possess a transcription speed of at least 200 words per minute to enter this program.

Career Requirements

To become a court reporter in Texas and obtain state certification, applicants must have a high school diploma or equivalent and pass the state certification exam for court reporters. After passing the exam, applicants must also pass state and national criminal background checks and provide fingerprints before the state will certify them as court reporters. The certification consists of a written and oral exam. Applicants who have certification from another state may be certified in Texas by endorsement. Certification by the National Court Reporters Association (NCRA) or the National Verbatim Reporters Association (NVRA) may be acceptable in lieu of the oral exam portion of the Texas certification exam.

School Comparison: At a Glance

School Name School Type and Setting Court Reporter Programs Offered Undergraduate Tuition and Fees (2015-2016)
Alvin Community College Two-year, public; large suburb Court Reporting Certificate,
Court Reporting Scopist Certificate,
Court Reporting Enhanced Skills Certificate (Captioning),
Associate of Applied Science in Court Reporting
$1,514 in-district; $2,594 in-state; $3,794 out-of-state*
Del Mar College Two-year, public; large city Certificate: Court Reporting,
Certificate: Information Reporting/Scoping,
Enhanced Skills Certificate: Judicial Real-time/CART/Captioning,
Associate in Applied Science: Court Reporting
$2,546 in-district; $3,846 in-state; $4,808 out-of-state*
El Paso Community College Two-year, public; large city Certificate of Completion: Legal Stenographer/Scopist,
Associate of Applied Science in Court Reporting
$2,386 in-state; $4,042 out-of-state*
San Antonio College Two-year, public; large city
Court Reporting: Transcriptionist/Scopist Level I Certificate
Court Reporting: Computer-Aided Transcription Technology Level II Certificate,
Captioning Court Reporting Enhanced Skills Certificate,
Associate of Applied Science in Court Reporting: Computer-Aided Transcription Technology
$2,088 in-district; $5,550 in-state; $10,740 out-of-state*

Source: *NCES College Navigator

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