CPR Instructor Training Programs and Requirements

Students must complete a certified instructor training course and a hands-on CPR training course, then be monitored while conducting their first class to become a CPR instructor. Most CPR instructor training programs are offered by local chapters of the American Heart Association or the American Red Cross.

Essential Information

CPR instructors must be trained in performing cardiopulmonary resuscitation and be prepared to teach at least one CPR class every two years. Both the American Heart Association and the American Red Cross offer CPR instructor certification, allowing volunteers to teach CPR courses in the community.

  • Program Levels in CPR Instructor Training: Certificate
  • Prerequisites: Current valid CPR certification
  • Online Availability: Initial training course available online
  • Other Requirements: Hands on work, observation of a current instructor

CPR Instructor Training Programs

The two most common CPR instructor training providers follow the same basic course structure. The initial CPR instructor training course may be taken in the classroom, online or through printed materials. It requires a review of information on course planning, student grading, providing feedback, and demonstrating CPR and first aid care skills. A test is required to complete the course. In a hands-on class, the CPR Training for Instructors Module teaches adult and infant CPR and the use of the Automated External Defibrillator. Graduates are prepared to do the following:

  • Identify a heart attack
  • Perform rescue breathing techniques
  • Handle choking incidents
  • Provide first aid for broken bones
  • Provide first aid for allergic reactions
  • Provide first aid for burns and cuts

Licenses and Certifications

The American Heart Association and American Red Cross certify CPR instructors who have successfully complete the training program. CPR instructor certifications are valid for two years. As long as an instructor has maintained teaching activity, the certification is easily renewed. However, there may be a recertification fee.

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