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Critical Care Courses and Classes Overview

Critical care courses prepare health-care workers to respond to medical emergencies. Continue reading to get some essential information for students seeking classes in critical care.

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Essential Information

Critical care courses are designed to provide instruction to physicians, nurses and emergency medical technicians (EMTs) who provide immediate medical care for the critically ill and injured. These courses introduce students to the fundamental concepts of treating and stabilizing critically ill patients during transport and in intensive care settings.

Classes may be part of certificate pr professional development courses, or they may be included in associate's, bachelor's and advanced degrees in the field of health-care. Courses will include a combination of classroom study and supervised experience in critical care environments, like intensive care units or hospital emergency rooms.

List of Critical Care Courses

Keep reading for more information about critical care courses.

Critical Care Support Course

Students learn hands-on techniques for critical care scenarios, such as the management of acute respiratory failure, burn trauma, life-threatening infections and acute coronary syndromes. This critical care course also addresses prioritizing patient needs and recognizing critical health conditions in a triage scenario. Completion of this course provides a credential for physicians and other medical workers seeking to enter the field of critical care.

Transportation Course

This course is designed to train paramedics and nurses to transport critical patients in emergency situations and to provide care en route to a medical facility. Nurses and paramedics learn to work as a team in transitioning a patient from critical pre-hospital care to an emergency room setting.

Emergency Medical Technician Course

Intermediate level emergency medical technicians that want to certify as critical care technicians take this course. EMT-critical care technicians learn to ventilate, clear obstructed airways and administer emergency medication to patients. Assessing the critically ill and injured and communicating the patient's condition to a doctor are emphasized. EMT-critical care courses are only available in states that have an EMT-critical care designation.

Critical Care Nursing Course

This class is designed for nurses who do not work in critical care settings to train as critical care nurses. Students in this course learn to think quickly and independently to assess patients and provide immediate care. Pulmonary, cardiac and renal systems are studied along with pain management.

Emergency Nurse Certification Course Information

This certification course provides the essential training required to become a certified emergency nurse. Students in this critical care course receive a blend of clinical and didactic instruction assisting with critical care procedures, assessing emergency patients and communicating with emergency medical services personnel. This course is based on the framework set forth by the Emergency Nurses Association.

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