CSC Certificate, Certification and Career Education Programs

CSC programs are designed for individuals interested in learning more about computer software design and web applications fundamentals. They are typically offered through community colleges or the continuing education departments of universities.

Essential Information

The coursework of a CSC program allows students to acquire a basic understanding of computers and programming. Topics covered can include software engineering, artificial intelligence, graphics, web development and more. Students gain a theoretical knowledge of these systems before applying them to hands-on situations in a computer lab. Programs can be specialized in database applications, web programming and web server administrations. Graduates are prepared for entry-level positions in information technology.

Certificate in Computer Software Design

A CSC program is typically a beginner's program, providing students with a basic understanding of computer science and computer functions. Therefore, only a high school diploma or equivalent GED is needed for entrance.

CSC programs emphasize practical coursework. Some common course topics are listed below:

  • Foundations of computer science
  • Visual programming in Basic
  • Programming methodology
  • Data structures and database application
  • Web programming
  • Web server administration

Popular Career Options

While many graduates of a CSC program go on to further their education in computer sciences, some move directly into employment. Graduates might obtain one of the positions listed below, depending on the focus of their certificate:

  • IT specialist
  • Database developer
  • Graphic designer
  • Network systems analyst
  • Computer programmer
  • Web developer, programmer or designer

Continuing Education

Graduates of a CSC program often go on to earn associate's or bachelor's degrees in fields such as web design, network systems or information technology. They can also earn certification through a variety of organizations, such as the National Computer Science Academy, which offers certification upon the completion of various exams.

For students either wanting to gain an entry level job in IT, computer programming or web design, or wanting to learn the basics for a related associate's or bachelor's degree, CSC certificate programs offer class-room and hands-on training.

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