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In the Denver, CO, area, adults seeking personal enrichment and professional development opportunities can find them at local educational institutions. These schools offer classes for those looking to advance their careers or pursue hobbies and interests. This article further explores two of these universities.

Schools and Programs

Adult education programs available in and around Denver range from individual courses to degree programs resulting in bachelor's or graduate degrees. The flexibility of many of these programs include the opportunity to conduct studies online. Adult learners can choose to develop their artistic skills through classes in painting, ceramics, photography or drawing, among other subjects, or build professional skills in a wide range of areas, including communications, management, journalism or social services. The two universities discussed at length below combine to offer more than 50 adult education programs.

University of Denver - University College's Adult Education Programs

The University of Denver is a private institution that offers low-cost adult education classes through its University College. The school offers more than 40 enrichment and foreign language courses. Working adults may also take classes to earn specialized bachelor's and graduate degrees.

Art Courses

A wide range of enrichment classes in the arts is available for adult students. There are offerings in digital photography, drawing, painting, music, ceramics, dance, drama, film and memoir. Classes typically meet one evening a week over several weeks or over a single weekend.

Foreign Language Courses

Students who would like to learn a foreign language for professional or personal reasons can take courses though the University College. Instruction is available in 15 languages, including Chinese, French, Spanish, Japanese and Arabic. Classes also include information on cultures and regions in which languages are spoken.

Bachelor of Arts in Communication Arts

Working adults interested in earning a degree in communication arts can enroll in this program if they have completed at least one year of undergraduate study. Focused on equipping professionals with practical skills, coursework emphasizes concepts that may be immediately transferred to an individual's work.

Bachelor of Arts in Public Policy and Social Services

Adults working in healthcare, education, government services and related fields may find this program of benefit. Students become familiar with public policy theory and its practical applications at community, state and national levels. Interdisciplinary in approach, coursework gives individuals the opportunity to apply knowledge to a specific policy issue.

Bachelor of Arts in Leadership and Organizational Studies

This program is designed for adults working in diverse business, government and nonprofit organizations. Coursework in management, sociology, psychology and economics is designed to help students thrive in various environments. Incorporating real case studies, the program helps develop skills that may be used right away in professional life.

Contact Information

  • Address: 2211 S. Josephine, Denver, CO 80208
  • Phone Number: (800) 347-2042

University of Colorado at Boulder's Adult Education Programs

The University of Colorado at Boulder, located about 30 miles north of Denver, offers nearly 100 personal enrichment and professional development courses in more than a dozen subject areas. Offering flexible scheduling and online courses, the university seeks to allow adults to attend classes without disrupting family and work life.

Music Courses

Music courses available through the University of Colorado at Boulder give adult learners the opportunity to study music theory, composition and appreciation. Playing instruction is also available from trained professionals for some 20 instruments, including guitar, piano, violin, bass and percussion.

Writing Courses

These courses for adults may be helpful at the personal and professional level. Individual classes cover topics including fiction and nonfiction writing, publishing in magazines and creating grant proposals. Offered in the classroom, classes give students the opportunity to get feedback on writing from peers.

Sustainable Practices Classes

Highlighting the value of green living, this series of courses features offerings in energy-efficient construction methods, solar heating and cooling systems, water preservation techniques and environmentally friendly community planning. Classes may be helpful for homeowners, construction professionals, public policy officials and others interested in sustainable living practices.

Economics Courses

These courses, with appeal for financial professionals and laypersons alike, are self-paced and online. Classes available cover topics, including economic theory, banking and monetary systems, microeconomics, macroeconomics and international financial policy.

Journalism Courses

Individuals who take classes from this series of courses learn about different forms of media and reporting. Students may gain insight into the history of news reporting and best practices for conveying information to a large audiences via television, print, radio and Web media.

Contact Information

  • Address: 1505 University Ave., Boulder, CO 80309
  • Phone Number: (303) 492-5148

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