Horticulture is the study of plant cultivation. This diverse field offers career opportunities in a wide array of industries for students at varying levels of education. Read on to learn more about horticulture and careers in this field.

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Horticulture is the science of cultivating plants. Horticultural professionals conduct research and prepare soil for the successful propagation of plants. They apply their knowledge of plant science to a variety of industries, such as crop management, gardening, production, marketing, research and landscape design. For example, horticulturalists may care for plants in nurseries and greenhouses or work as landscape designers, who plan and maintain gardens, golf courses and other plant sites. Horticulturalists who work in research study plant growth and develop new methods of harvesting.

If you enjoy working outdoors and caring for plants, horticulture may be a good fit for you. Study.com has the resources you need to explore your academic options and plan a career in horticulture.

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