Biochemistry is the study of the chemical processes of living things. Biochemists can find career opportunities in research facilities, pharmaceutical companies, hospital laboratories and academic settings. Read on to learn more about educational and professional options in this field.

Inside Biochemistry

The field of biochemistry integrates biology and chemistry in the study of the chemical structure of living things. Biochemists investigate chemical combinations and reactions involved in reproduction, metabolism, heredity and growth, performing both basic research and applied research in various types of laboratories. Basic research includes learning how hormones are made, while applied research involves creating synthetic hormones. To further explore your options in this field, check out the following Study.com resources.

Education Information

Biochemistry degrees are available at the bachelor's, master's and doctoral levels. These programs offer both classroom and laboratory instruction. The curriculum includes courses in physical biochemistry, nutritional biochemistry, molecular biology and macromolecular metabolism, among other subjects. A bachelor's degree qualifies students to work as a research technician or research assistant and is preparation for a graduate program in biochemistry or a related field, such as botany.

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