Molecular Biochemistry

Molecular biochemistry is the scientific study of molecules in living organisms, along with associated chemical actions and activities that take place between and within them. Learn about field-specific education and career options here.

Inside Molecular Biochemistry

Molecular biochemistry is the study of chemical actions within and between molecules in biological organisms. It focuses specifically on the functions and structure of large, supermolecules like viruses, enzymes, proteins, nucleic acids, lipids and carbohydrates, as well molecular combinations of the aforementioned. Programs in molecular biochemistry can be found in various university departments, including biological sciences and chemistry

Education Information

Generally, schools do not offer bachelor's programs specifically in molecular biochemistry. However, one can find bachelor's degree in molecular biochemistry combined with another discipline like cellular biochemistry, biology or biophysics. Students take courses in biology, molecular biology, chemistry and molecular biochemistry. A program may be research intensive with lab courses where students learn basic lab techniques.

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