Zoology, the study of both individual animals and animal populations, provides a wide variety of career options. Whether you want to research animal behavior or protect endangered species, continue reading to learn how to prepare for a job in zoology.

Inside Zoology

Zoology focuses on the lives of animals, including both terrestrial and aquatic life. Zoologists can research a species as a whole or analyze individual organisms. The field also looks at how animals interact with each other and adapt to their environments. Topics in zoology include anatomy, genetics, animal behavior, biology, ecology and evolution.

Education Information

Degrees in zoology are available at the bachelor's, master's and doctoral degree levels. Undergraduate programs can provide students with an introduction to biological research and prepare graduates for work in the field assisting other researchers. These programs can also give students the foundation they need to embark on graduate studies in related fields, such as biology or veterinary medicine. Graduate programs allow for specializations in areas like ecology, conservation or a particular animal species. Zoology students often participate in lab research and outdoor fieldwork.

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