Entomology involves the study of insects and their roles in our environment. Undergraduate and graduate degree programs are available for those interested in entomology. Learn about the vast world of insects and how to become an entomologist here.

Inside Entomology

Entomology is an aspect of biology that studies insects and the effects they have on various ecosystems. Entomologists collect and raise insects for studying and observe them in the wild to see the effects they have on pollination, disease transmission, building integrity, crime scenes and food production, among other areas.

Education Information

Degree programs in entomology are available from a bachelor's through the doctoral level and found at many universities and colleges. Aspiring entomologists may choose programs that cover the world of insects and the environment or programs that offer a specific entomology branch such as forensic entomology, which utilizes entomological skills as tools for criminal investigation.

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