Students who choose to enter the field of business may have the opportunity to advance in a wide variety of careers, including marketing, management, finance, international business and information systems management. Educational options are available at all levels of education, from short undergraduate certificate programs to Ph.D. programs. Keep reading to learn more.

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Business education provides an array of skills that can be used in a multiple areas. Social interaction skills, planning skills, proficient management of finances and the capability to be a leader are characteristics students might profit from in the field of business. Comprehension of the business world might also assist in employee advancement. If you would like more information about education and career options in business, has many resources that can assist you.

Education Options

Business programs are available at a number of colleges, universities and accredited vocational schools. Studies in business include marketing, economics, finance, accounting, sociology, business policy and insurance, among others. Throughout business degree programs, students may gain practical experience preparing them for the business world. Some colleges might also offer internship opportunities. Educational requirements vary from one business position to another. While an accountant or financial advisor should possess at least a bachelor's degree, and in some cases more, an insurance examiner might require no formal education.

Several academic programs are offered for aspiring business professionals. The following articles provide more information about some of the most common education options in business.

Distance Learning

Students also have the opportunity to enroll in online business programs. While many of these programs can be completed totally online, others may have certain in-person requirements. Check out the links below for additional information on just a few of these distance education options.

Specialization Options

The field of business is very broad, and educational programs can offer a multitude of different concentration options. The following links can help you decide which specialization or path may be right for you.

Career Options

Many occupation options exist within the field of business. Professions range from finance careers to management careers. The links below highlight a few popular business careers.

Employment Outlook and Salary Information

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) anticipated that employment of accountants and auditors would increase 13% from 2012-2022, and professionals in this field earned a median annual salary of $65,080 as of May 2013 ( Claims adjusters, examiners and investigators were expected see a four percent increase in employment during the same time frame, per the BLS. As of May 2013, these workers earned a median annual salary of $61,190 (BLS).

Meanwhile, the BLS projected employment of personal financial advisors to increase 27% from 2012-2022, which is considerably faster than the national average of 11% for all job sectors. May 2013 reports by the BLS indicated a median annual salary of $75,320.

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