Warehousing and Inventory Management

The duties associated with warehousing and inventory management positions vary according to the size and type of company. Find out about the various warehouse and inventory management educational programs here.

Inside Warehousing and Inventory Management

Inventory management is a key responsibility, since warehouses do not sell the goods they handle, only storing them or providing logistical services. Warehouses take responsibility for storage and security of another company's goods.

Education Information

Warehousing and inventory management certificate and associate's degree programs prepare students for entry-level positions, such as warehouse supervisor or inventory control planner. The curriculum includes customer service, secure logistics, international logistics, importing and exporting, inventory management, accounting, statistics and transportation and distribution systems.

Individuals with a certificate or associate's degree in logistics or warehousing and inventory management can further their education by enrolling in a bachelor's degree program in operations. Beyond that, master's degree programs in logistics are available. These degree programs build upon the skills and information learned in warehousing and inventory management programs. Refer to the links below for more information.

Distance Learning

Many courses and classes are available online to provide schedule flexibility. Listed below are links to helpful information, including free classes and courses. Clink each link to learn more.

Career Options

Graduates typically find employment in such fields as cargo operations, freight coordination, trucking management, warehouse management and logistics. Click on the links to learn more about what is needed for each division.

Employment Information

PayScale.com reported that as of March 2014, most inventory control managers earned between $30,160 and $74,725 a year, which included bonuses and profit sharing. The most popular industries for warehouse distribution are in retail or wholesale, manufacturing and distribution, shipping / transportation, auto and car dealerships and logistics.

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