Merchandising Marketing, Sales, and Distribution

Studying marketing, sales or distribution can open up a field of possibilities in multiple career paths. Continue reading to get information about relevant education options and find out if this subject is right for you.

Inside Merchandising Marketing, Sales and Distribution

A business cannot operate smoothly unless it has a means of actually connecting its products with consumers. Merchandising marketing, sales and distribution professionals each handle different tasks in this process. Marketers perform research and develop advertising campaigns to ensure a particular product appeals to a target consumer group. Distribution workers calculate warehouse inventories, evaluate demand and oversee shipping schedules and contracts to make sure products physically reach retail stores. Merchandising professionals sell products to retailers or buy products for resale, and sales representatives actually sell products to consumers. A company's reputation depends upon customer satisfaction, so these professionals must work efficiently, be detail-oriented and provide excellent service. Check out the articles linked below to learn more about the merchandising and marketing fields.

Education Information

Educational requirements vary from one position to another. In some cases, short undergraduate options like associate degree programs may offer relevant training in a field like marketing or sales. An individual hoping to work in the higher echelons of management may be required to earn a bachelor's or master's degrees. Students can expect to take general business courses along with specialized classes in their chosen field. If you believe a career in marketing, sales or distribution may be for you, read the following articles for more information:

Distance Learning Options

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