Auctioneers sell valuables and property to the highest bidder in arranged public sales. Aspiring auctioneers generally acquire formal training in order to become licensed, thus opening their possibilities for a career in auctioneering. Learn about auctioneering programs and careers here.

Inside Auctioneering

Auctioneering refers to the job of being an auctioneer - a person in charge of auctioning goods such as automobiles and art pieces. Auctioneering training programs prepare students to organize, manage and emcee auctions or public sales for numerous types of products, including art, real estate, farming equipment, vehicles and livestock. Studies in auctioneering often explore auctioneering ethics and law, merchandise procurement and appraisal, item marketing, audience communications and small business management. In addition, students in an auctioneer training program learn chanting, an oratory style that is the preferred method of auction announcing.

Education Options

Certificate Programs

Individuals interested in auctioneer careers may pursue training through certificate programs that teach students about auction coordination, oration, merchandise acquisition and appraisal. These certificates can be completed through nonprofit, academic institutions or specialized auctioneering schools, many of which are associated with the National Auctioneers Association (

Degree Programs

Degree programs focusing on art or communication are also possible options to fortify the knowledge and skills of aspiring auctioneers. Here are a few of the educational possibilities related to auctioneering:

Distance Learning Options

Online auctioneering programs are virtually non-existent because an auctioneering apprenticeship is generally required of each program candidate. However, online courses in art history and other areas may help practicing and aspiring auctioneers update their knowledge about the merchandise they handle. Here are a few of those educational opportunities for continuing learning:

Certification Options

Getting the proper licenses and certifications is the key to a career in auctioneering. Check out the articles below for information on how to be certified as an appraiser of property that could be part of an auction.

Career Options

Receiving proper training may help students when taking state licensure exams in auctioneering, which may lead to professional careers as art, automobile and land auctioneers. Read the following articles to learn about a few career routes related to auctioneering.

Employment Information

Graduates of auctioneering certificate programs may be eligible to apply for state licensure as auctioneers. The requirements for licensure vary for each state. reported that the median salary among auctioneers was $48,940 as of March 2014.

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