Multimedia and Digital Communication

The field of multimedia and digital communication includes career opportunities in computer applications, journalism, graphic design and digital art, to name a few. Read on to research degree programs and determine which career path is right for you.

Inside Multimedia and Digital Communication

Multimedia and digital communication combines creativity, technology and photography in an evolving career field. It focuses on the design and development of electronic communications, including podcasts, websites, webcasts and multimedia journalism. Professionals in this field design Web pages, animated banners, video programs and sound broadcasts using graphics and sound for educational, advertising and entertainment purposes.

Education Information

Creative individuals who want to work with electronic media may want to pursue education in multimedia communication, digital filmmaking, digital photography and multimedia. Many schools offer these subjects as associate's or bachelor's degree programs. Coursework in graphic design and digital editing, along with courses in HTML, Java and other computer languages, may prepare job candidates for positions in graphic design, digital journalism and advertising. Master's degree programs in digital communication allow students to explore how new and innovative media affects society and how to use multimedia in new ways to reach a target audience. Review the links below for more details about degree programs.

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