Dutch and Flemish Language

Dutch and Flemish are widely spoken in European countries, though often considered minor world languages. Although programs specifically in Dutch and Flemish language are rare, these fields are common components of Dutch studies programs.

Inside Dutch and Flemish Languages

Spoken by roughly 23 million Western Europeans, Dutch is the native language of Holland, and is also a secondary language in many surrounding countries. A similar language, referred to as Flemish, is spoken by approximately half of the population of Belgium. Although many people consider Flemish and Dutch the same language, linguists have determined these similar tongues are two distinctly different languages.

Education Information

These languages are similar enough that most programs combine them, often focusing more heavily on the more commonly spoken of the two, which is Dutch. Therefore, individuals interested in studying the Dutch and Flemish languages can pursue a bachelor's degree in Dutch studies or Dutch language and culture. Dutch studies can also be pursued at the graduate degree level, as well as a minor in some Germanic studies programs.

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