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Students who are passionate about Italian culture and foreign languages may consider a degree in the Italian language. Continue reading to learn more about the education options and career opportunities in the field.

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The Italian language is a romance language spoken primarily in Italy; it is spoken in a number of other European countries and cities as well, but not typically as the primary language. Graduates of Italian language degree programs know how to speak, read and write in Italian and are well-versed in Italian culture, history, art, grammar and literature. Some programs combine studies in the Italian language with other romance languages, such as French or Spanish.

Mastering Italian can be the building block for learning other languages and pursuing a wide variety of careers. Whether you're interested in discovering the ins and outs of some jobs, exploring the distance learning options in Italian or discovering what it takes to complete a bachelor's degree in Italian, continue reading. Study.com has the resources to answer these questions and more, so you can decide if studying Italian is right for you.

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