Romanian Language

Students interested in studying the Romanian language typically enter programs in East European, Slavic, Russian or Romanian studies. The history, culture and language of this Eastern European nation are explored in these programs. If you are interested in the language of Romania, read on to learn about the educational and career opportunities in this area of study.

Inside the Romanian Language

Romanian is the official language of the small, Eastern European country of Romania. One of the best ways to learn the Romanian language is by spending time in Romania; however, there are degree and distance learning options that can bring the language to you. The career options available range from positions in international business and politics to employment as a translator or interpreter. Look to Study.com for information on some of the education and career options available to you.

Education Information

Few colleges offer programs specifically in Romanian language; however, undergraduate and graduate degree and certificate programs in East European or Romanian studies are available. Usually, one of the primary focal points in these programs is the Romanian language and how it is affected by the country's history and cultural changes. Students learn phonetics, grammar, structure and other linguistic subtleties of this language, as well as how to read and write it using the correct vernacular. Classes may involve one-on-one conversations and speech exercises. At the advanced level, students focus on analytical readings of Romanian literature.

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