Do you look at billboards or ads in the newspaper and re-design them in your head? Are you interested in a sales or customer service career? If so, a career in advertising may be a good fit. Keep reading to learn more about academic programs and job opportunities in this field.

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The broad field of advertising includes many different types of careers, such as copywriting, graphic design, advertising sales and advertising management. Copywriters prepare written material for print advertisements. These professionals often work closely with clients to create catchy slogans and other copy needed for an advertising campaign. Additional duties may include writing scripts for television or radio advertisements.

Graphic designers determine the visual needs of an advertising campaign. Designers may prepare fonts, illustrations or digital graphics that capture a campaign's intended message.

Advertising sales agents - sometimes referred to as account executives - primarily work for media organizations that sell advertising space to regional or national businesses. Relationship building is very important for these professionals; a successful sales agent understands a potential client's needs and offers the right solutions. Advertising managers often supervise a team that includes copywriters, graphic designers and sales agents. In some cases, managers help prepare advertising campaign budgets.

The articles listed below can help you explore a number of advertising career paths and educational options.

Education Information

A career in the advertising industry often requires completion of a bachelor's degree program. Some universities offer bachelor's degrees in advertising, while others offer bachelor's degree programs in communication or journalism with a concentration in advertising. Common course topics include copywriting, reporting and writing for media, multimedia production, media planning, account management and strategic communication. Students may also use available internship opportunities to gain professional experience before graduation.

Aspiring advertising designers may pursue a bachelor's degree in graphic design. These programs often include courses like painting, 3-dimensional design techniques, color theory and computer graphics. Students also learn how to use professional computer design programs, like Adobe Illustrator and Final Cut Pro.

Take a look at the following articles to find out more about degree options in advertising and related fields of study.

Distance Learning Options

Some schools offer online programs in advertising, marketing and graphic design. Read on to see if distance learning fits your needs.

Career Options

These articles examine the job responsibilities of advertising professionals, including sales agents, copywriters, directors and graphic designers.

Employment Information

The outlook and salary for a career in advertising varies by position. For instance, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the number of employed advertising and promotions managers was expected to increase seven percent between 2012 and 2022 ( Managers with a good understanding of social media techniques and new technologies are predicted to experience the best employment opportunities during this time.

The number of employed writers across all industries is projected to increase by three percent from 2012-2022, which is slower than average as noted by the BLS. The number of advertising sales agents is expected to change little if at all during this time period. A job growth of seven percent is projected for graphic designers.

As of May 2012, advertising and promotions managers earned a mean annual income of $107,060. Writers and authors working in the advertising and public relations industry made an average annual wage of $76,790 during the same year, as reported by the BLS. The average annual wage for graphic designers in the advertising industry was $50,590 as of 2012. Advertising sales agents earned a mean annual salary of $57,270 during the same time.

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