Political Communication

Students can pursue studies in political communication at the undergraduate and graduate levels. Continue reading to learn about educational programs and career opportunities in the field of political communication.

Inside Political Communication

Political communication is a small part of the larger communication field. In most universities, students will major in communication and choose the political concentration. Some universities have a separate political communication major, often in cooperation with the political science department.

Education Information

Bachelor's degrees in communication are available, as are master's and doctoral degrees in either communication or public affairs. Courses taken in a typical communication major include ethics, writing for media, public speaking, mass media, public relations and argumentation. Studies specific to political communication include those in government and politics, ethics and justice, campaign management, political thought and civil rights. Some universities that offer the political communication major also have internship programs in Washington, D.C. Learn more about training programs by reviewing the links listed below.

Distance Learning Options

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