Public Relations

Public relations blends the fields of advertising, communications, and publicity. It requires the skills to understand a client's needs and target market. Read on to learn more about education options and possible career paths in the field of public relations.

Inside Public Relations

Those working in public relations strive to ensure their clients are viewed positively among the public. Specialists use a number of methods to achieve this objective, such as creating press releases, safeguarding clients' corporate identities, analyzing promotional efforts, and organizing communications between clients and the media. They manage media campaigns, arrange interviews, and place advertisements. Public relations efforts are also increasingly important online, since companies need to manage their image through social media.

Education Information

Most public relations programs award a Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Arts or Master of Science degree. Many of these degrees are available with a specialization or focus in advertising, corporate communications or a related subject. Students can also earn a graduate certificate to enhance their public relations skills. Some programs are designed for students with training in communications, journalism or a related area looking for a career in public relations.

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