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Networking management, also known as network management, is a growing field with favorable job prospects in the near future. Keep reading to discover what this field entails, available degree options and possible career paths.

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Networking management is about keeping the flow of communication and information open and available, usually on an intranet or Internet system. A network manager is an expert in dealing with the technology that allows for employee interaction with other employees and customers, as well as allowing network users access to other systems, such as databases and e-mail. Managers typically create, install, maintain and update networks for a variety of businesses, institutions or telecommunication companies. Professionals in this field may also be responsible for training others on network use, network security and keeping users accountable for what goes on in a system's network.

If you think you are interested in becoming a network manager, provides a variety of articles on the degree and career options available to you. There are also online educational options available in network management.

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