Facial Treatment Specialist

A facial treatment or skin care specialist is part of the growing field of personal appearance workers. If this type of work interests you, continue reading for information about training requirements and career options in skin care.

Inside Facial Treatment Specialist Careers

Facial treatment specialists often work in spas and salons, and some provide skin care services in medical facilities. Other professionals in this field apply treatments and sell make-up in shopping centers or department stores. Common duties for skin care specialists include providing facial massages, applying wax treatments, sanitizing equipment and selling skin care products. Good candidates for this career would be interested in topics like fashion or beauty and would have excellent people skills.

Careers in skin care or cosmetology can be rewarding. Whether you'd like to offer facial treatments or sell skin creams for a beauty supply company, Study.com can help you find the information you need.

Education and Licensure Information

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