General Instructional Media Design

Instructional media designers create and manage multimedia products that help people learn inside and outside of traditional educational settings. Read on to learn more about the field of instructional media design.

Inside General Instructional Media Design

Instructional media design involves discovering the learning objectives and requirements for a certain educational course and designing, creating and testing multimedia resources that satisfy these objectives. Just like standard media design, this version of the field has an educational focus that relies on a variety of media formats to accomplish teaching purposes, including slide presentations, video, text, Web pages, graphics, audio files and specialized software.

Education Information

Earning an associate's or a bachelor's degree in digital media or Web design can be a good gateway into the instructional media field. Such programs provide students with knowledge in graphics, communications, computers and media in general. Students can choose to specialize in instructional media at the graduate level in master's degree or post-graduate certificate programs that focus not only on advanced media design, but also on teaching techniques. Instructional media design at the graduate level is usually labeled as educational communication or learning technology programs. Review the following links for more details about relevant degree programs.

Distance Learning Options

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