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Vocational teachers play an important role in some students' futures. They often assist students who are not planning on attending college to smoothly transition in a career field. To learn more about vocational education and career opportunities, read on.

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Vocational education teachers are commonly referred to as career and technical education (CTE) teachers or career technology teachers. CTE teachers teach skill-based occupational subjects to students in middle and secondary schools. Some of the subjects taught by CTE teachers include cosmetology, plumbing, electronics, welding or automotive mechanics. Many CTE teachers work in school environments, such as community colleges, middle and high schools or career and technical schools.

CTE teachers are not limited to a classroom setting; they also instruct and supervise students in a hands-on learning environment. In addition to educating students and preparing them for career opportunities, CTE teachers are often responsible for developing and implementing career-training curricula, helping students realize their career goals and assisting with job placement.

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