Architectural Drafting and Design

Architectural drafting and design involves the creation of drawings and models used to build structures. To learn more about education options and career paths in this field, keep reading.

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Architectural drafting and design is one of several career options related to architecture and engineering. This can be an interesting field of study for creative individuals who posses artistic abilities as well as a profound interest in mathematics and technology. Architectural drafters and designers prepare layouts and sketches and determine design elements for various structures and building components.

Education Information

Many colleges, universities, technical schools and community colleges offer associate's degree programs in architectural drafting. These 2-year programs tend to include courses in architectural sketching, computer-aided drafting, construction, design elements and structural concepts. Those who completed technical training in the Armed Forces may also qualify for employment in architectural drafting and design. While an associate's degree in architectural drafting or a related drafting field is generally sufficient for employment in architectural drafting and design, some employers may prefer applicants with advanced degrees. Review the articles shown below for more details about relevant training programs.

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