Mechanical Engineering Technologies

Mechanical engineering technologies deal with the design, development, testing, installation and service of manufacturing equipment and other machinery. Continue reading to find out about the academic and career options available for this field.

Inside Mechanical Engineering Technologies

Those working in mechanical engineering technology are responsible for designing, developing and testing a variety of products and equipment. You may choose to get right to work after just two years of school or opt for a bachelor's-level education, which could pave the way to additional job prospects. Either way, has plenty of information to help you choose your path. Explore the following resources to see what the field of mechanical engineering technologies entails.

Education Information

Associate's and bachelor's programs in mechanical engineering technology train students in equipment and product design, development, and testing procedures. In 2-year associate's programs, students take classes in fundamental physics, computer-aided design (CAD), fluid mechanics, thermodynamics, manufacturing techniques and machine design. Graduates of these programs may find employment as engineering technicians, assistant engineers, engineering laboratory technicians or CAD operators.

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