Ocean Engineering

Ocean engineers apply their knowledge of the ocean environment to the design and construction of marine structures, ships and other marine vehicles. Many schools offer both undergraduate and graduate programs in ocean engineering. Keep reading to learn more about your education and career options in this engineering field.

Inside Ocean Engineering

Ocean engineers study the effects of the ocean on ships, vehicles and other structures. They design dams, levees, canals and complex tide abatement systems. Essentially, ocean engineering is the marine-based branch of civil engineering. It merges classical courses in civil and mechanical engineering with oceanography and naval architecture. Learn more about ocean engineering by exploring some of the Study.com articles linked below.

Education Information

Undergraduate and graduate degree programs are available in ocean engineering. Schools that offer bachelor degrees in ocean engineering expect students to complete courses in marine structure design, oceanography, ocean systems design and engineering materials. Bachelor's degrees in ocean engineering are either a Bachelor of Science in Ocean Engineering or a degree in civil engineering with an ocean engineering concentration.

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