Tibetan Studies

Tibetan studies focuses on Tibet and the surrounding region's history and languages, along with the texts of Buddhist masters and scholars. Tibetan studies programs are offered at the undergraduate and graduate levels, with some including options to travel to the region for course credit.

Inside Tibetan Studies

The field of Tibetan studies encompasses modern and classical aspects of Tibet, including its philosophy, history, medicine, religion, language, literature, social science and art. The work of experts in this field ranges from translating ancient Buddhist texts to understanding Tibet's modern political and economic relationships to the rest of the world.

Education Information

A few U.S. colleges and universities offer Tibetan studies through certificate, bachelor's, master's and doctoral degree programs, although graduate degrees in this field are most common. Students may earn a degree in East Asian, area or cultural studies while concentrating on Tibet. Religion, history and geography departments may also offer concentrations in Tibetan studies, Tibetan Buddhism or Tibetan language.

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