Child Care Services

Students who love being around kids may want to consider a career in child care services. Read on to learn more about child care workers and what credentials are needed to work in this field.

Inside Child Care Services

Child care workers may watch children before school, during the day and after school in their own residences, children's homes or child care centers. Along with ensuring children are safe and fed, child care workers are responsible for tending to children's physical and emotional health. They also help children mature and develop social and academic skills, which can involve teaching, playing group games and reading books aloud.

Required Skills

To meet children's needs, child care workers must be energetic and have a great deal of patience. They must also be able to communicate well with both children and parents and be knowledgeable about children's developmental needs. Child care workers who wish to manage their own businesses will need financial and managerial skills as well.

Education Information

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