Biblical Studies

Students interested in studying the Bible or pursuing biblical studies examine religious scriptures and the biblical implications of spiritual devotion. Read on to learn more about the educational and career options in biblical studies.

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Biblical studies is intended to provide a foundation for Christian belief and practice by studying its history, background and Scriptures, as well as how to apply the Bible's teaching to everyday life. Students in a biblical studies or theology program study theological research and dialogue. Topics covered in this program may include morality, liturgical theology, historical perspectives, language, systematic theology and testaments.

Education Information

Biblical studies can be approached from many angles, even within the Christian tradition. Some students seek a scholarly route, which can include theological research and philosophy. Others may attend the seminary for a combination of scholarly research and religious devotion. A bachelor's degree program in bible studies may require 50-80 credit hours of biblical or ministerial courses. A least 36 credit hours are dedicated to biblical studies in a master's degree program.

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