Work and Family Studies

Work and family studies programs are available at the bachelor's, master's and doctoral degree levels. Graduates often go on to careers in social work, community outreach or education. Continue reading for information about employment and education options in this field.

Inside Work and Family Studies

Work and family studies programs teach students how to detect and respond to the developmental needs of individuals, families and communities. As such, work and family studies professionals should have a cross-cultural, global outlook. Individuals exploring this field become familiar with policies and programs that prevent and address social issues. If you believe that a future in work and family studies suits you, you should explore all possible options available to you. A great place to begin your research is through Study.com. You can explore a variety of degree programs, career paths and online courses by reading the information below.

Education Information

While some colleges and universities feature degree programs under the specific title of work and family studies, many offerings fall under the umbrella of social work or consumer science. As undergraduates concentrating in work and family studies, students explore child and adult development, family relations, consumer rights and family resource management. They also typically complete a practicum or internship.

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