Asian History

As China and Japan gain more economic power, the study of Asian history is growing in importance for American students. Most colleges and universities offer Asian studies degree programs that include history, politics and economics courses.

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Most degree programs concentrating on Asian history cover Japan, China, Korea, Southeast Asia and, in some cases, India. Coursework in philosophy, language, cinema and culture will accompany core courses in history. Careers for Asian history specialists can range from government to business to law. Many who pursue advanced degrees go on to become postsecondary educators.

Education Information

Bachelor's, master's and doctoral degree programs in the interdisciplinary Asian studies field are available at many schools. Programs focus on the history, politics and economics of countries such as China, Korea, Japan and India. Related degree options could be in literature, world history or anthropology. Many students use Asian history degrees as springboards to advanced degree programs in law, business or architecture, while others pursue doctorate degrees in Asian history for more intensive study.

Degree Options

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